recumbent trike and mobility safety

I custom make to order a variety of flags in your choice of available colors. Please contact me directly to discuss you design. On the bottom of the page is a contact form. Each flag is hand made by me. They are not perfect like factory flags and give you a new and different look. Check out my Panniers too. I have also started making trike decals and shirts. I enjoy my hobby it keeps my mind stimulated.

  • I looked at flags when I bought my trike and thought they all looked like cookie cutter flags. I bought some material and started making my own. I also made my own Panniers and can make a pair for you!

Make you bent or mobility vehicle pop! Scroll down to the shop to see some selections and styles


Just a bit about me. I' 65, a widower doing something to keep me busy. I am retired after 30 years as an auto technician and 14 years driving ready mix concrete. I am enjoying my quiet life . I enjoy riding my Terra Trike II and cooking. I took up this hobby to stay busy after my wife passed. I wanted new flags and could not afford to buy new ones. There it started. I just kept making them and posting on Facebook and people like them. I only do 4-5 flags a week a few hours a day.

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Bayonet Point, Florida

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