Recumbent trike and mobility safety flags

I make custom order safety and vanity flags for your trike, bike or mobility vehicle in your choice of available colors. Please contact me directly to discuss you design. On the bottom of the page is a contact form. Each flag is hand made by me. They are not perfect like factory flags. Give your trike a new and different look. Check out my Panniers too. I have also started making trike decals and shirts. This is a great hobby, it keeps my mind stimulated. Here is a handful of the flags and bags I have done.

Make you bent or mobility vehicle pop! Scroll down to the shop to see some selections and styles


Just a bit about me. I' 65, a widower doing something to keep me busy. I am retired after 30 years as an auto technician and 14 years driving ready mix concrete. I am enjoying my quiet life . I enjoy riding my Terra Trike II and cooking. I took up this hobby to stay busy after my wife passed. I wanted new flags and could not afford to buy new ones. There it started. I just kept making them and posting on Facebook and people like them. I only do 4-5 flags a week a few hours a day. My Facebook page is

    Lew, Chief cook and bottle washerLadybug my helper

Check out my different styles

this is a selection of flags and Panniers I have made. Please contact me at to order products

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Bayonet Point, Florida

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